Introducing Architect®

Architect® is a concept design for a modern architecture company in Europe. The company wants to revolutionise the property industry by incorporating modern techniques to design and architecture.

Concept Design

The Challenge

When coming up with a name for this company, we wanted to create something that stood out but was bold enough to create enough brand awareness. The brand needed to represent the whole industry and to dominate the space. The concept for this design needed to to be bold, professional and show what the company is about. The brand values needed to stand out upon the first look of seeing it.

To go along with the visual identity and naming, we needed to create a brand strategy. A strategy that needed to be strong and robust throughout the construction industry. We needed to make sure that the brand suited all types of digital and traditional media whilst still conveying the true message. This is why we had to create a tagline to go along with the name.

The Solution

As an agency, everything we do is centred on helping brands simplify and define who they are and what they stand for. To create a brand that was robust and would stand the length of time whilst conveying the message of simplicity - we came up with "Architect". Yes, it is an actual word that is used over and over again. However that is the message and what the company stands for. The brand says was it is.

We knew we the logo was going to incorporate typography which is why we went with a strong and bold font, dominating everything that is around it. The colour palette used is simple with traditional and neutral colours - portraying the professionalism and simplicity of the company.

"Designing your future". That is the tagline. The purpose of the company is to design your dream home, ultimately, designing your future. This is why we came up with this slogan. It's simple and effective, showing people what Architect is all about.

Tasks carried out

  1. User & Brand Research
  2. Visual Identity
  3. Brand Strategy
  4. Brand Marketing
  5. Content development

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