Introducing HV Deportivo

HV Deportivo is an Spanish-based gymnastics & fitness retailer providing top quality equipment to gymnastic clubs, professionals and institutions.

The Challenge

The challenge of the HV Deportivo website was to create an e-commerce store that showcased all of the products and serve customers in two different languages. The goal was to make a seamless, multilingual e-commerce store. HV Deportivo wanted us to focus a lot of attention on the usability of the site, making sure the user experience is smooth and easy all the way from entering the site to the final checkout page.

As a creative agency, we needed to portray the brand of the business in a powerful way. The company's vision and brand are very strong and we needed a way to connect the customer with the brand.

The Solution

We solved this challenge by incorporating a sleek and clean design for the homepage whilst maintaining the brand values and colours. The gold accent is very prominent throughout!

HV Deportivo also insisted on the social interaction aspect of the site. We also provide the company with digital marketing services so we had to find a way to integrate social media onto the website. We did this by creating an interactive and dynamic social feed which updates with all the social posts. The e-commerce part had to be right as they have products which are offline and some products that are online so it was vital to create a store that allowed both types. The checkout process had to be easy enough for the user to use and purchase a product. We did this by designing a simple interface that had clear instructions in order to achieve a fantastic user experience.

Tasks carried out

  1. User Research
  2. UI Design
  3. Material Design
  4. UX Design
  5. Prototyping
  6. E-Commerce Store Set up
  7. Payment Gateway Integration

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