Introducing Kilo Timepieces

Kilo Timepieces is a watch brand and e-commerce store selling high quality timepieces at an affordable price.

Our task was to create and build an e-commerce website revolved around the brand attributes of Kilo Timepieces. It had be simple, clean, elegant and portray the brand's vision.

The Challenge

The challenge of this project was portray the brand as luxury and affordable in one - something you wouldn't associate together. This was a big challenge as so many watch e-commerce stores fight to win over customers. Time after time again, customers are becoming more dissatisfied with the product or customer service they received. Paying well over the odds for a product that can be bought from Amazon for as little as £2. Kilo

Timepieces are different, they have a team that handcrafts each watch - tailoring it to each and every customer. Because they have got this process down to such a fine art, they are able to charge very affordable prices for a premium product. Not only do they need to portray this, they also needed to show that they care about each customer and focus a lot of attention on their customer service.

The Solution

We solved this challenge by incorporating a sleek and clean design for the homepage. When you go onto the website, you are shown a background picture that includes the watches and cuff links that Kilo makes. Ultimately, emphasising the significance of the product. The colours are very neutral with the brand predominantly being blue, black and white.

The UX approach was simple for this website. We strongly felt that the customer experience had to be spot on. From finding a product, purchasing a product through the checkout and contacting customer service to answer any questions. Our UX approach is solely based on this principle: experiences that people appreciate form powerful connections between a brand and its audience.

Concept Design

Tasks carried out

  1. User Research
  2. UI Design
  3. Material Design
  4. UX Design
  5. Prototyping
  6. E-Commerce Store Set up
  7. Payment Gateway Integration

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