Introducing PlanNow

PlanNow is a to-do and calendar app concept for teams & organisations.

The idea of this app is to allow people to organise events & tasks with other colleagues and team members by integrating shared calanedars and to-do lists.

PlanNow is in prototype stage

The Challenge

The challenge of this app was to have a balance between a personal application that suited the needs of the user and having a collaboration feature that worked seamlessly with teams. A lot of teams and companies nowadays rely on project management tools and other calendar apps to organise events and keep up to date with tasks. This is typically done by syncing calendars together. PlanNow's challenge is to have a tool that automatically assigns tasks and events with the relevant people without syncing calendars together. Let's face it, who wants your co-worker to know what you're doing this weekend and what work assignment you still need to catch up on. PlanNow only syncs events that matter!

The other challenge we faced when designing this app was motivation and productivity. Go on the App store and type in "to-do", there are many apps that help you write down the things you need to do. But there's always one thing missing from most to-do apps - tracking productivity. This app will track each task and event. Whether you completed it, snoozed it for another time or even if it's overdue.

The Solution

To tackle productivity, PlanNow will give you a percentage score so you can keep track of all the tasks and events you created. The progress bar will allow you to visualise clearly of what's done and what you have to do for later. Ultimately giving you the motivation to complete it.

The solution to the collaboration feature was to have 2 calendars and 2 to-do lists in one. Tasks and events will be listed as normal. For each task and event that has other people on it, an icon with their face will appear. Making it easier to visualise what needs doing by yourself and what tasks you nee to collaborate on. As well as this, each task will have a small coloured dot - indicating whether it is completed or overdue. This helps the user focus on what matters!

Tasks carried out

  1. User Research
  2. UI Design
  3. Material Design
  4. UX Design
  5. Prototyping

The next phase is to bring this app to life and turn it from concept into a reality. This will include the development of the app and producing a beta version that will be used for user testing and research.

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